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Welcome To Visions Hair Salon. We are not YOUR average hair salon.

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"Visiting Visions Har Salon is the highlight of my month! Amy caters to my needs, listens to my wants and then discovers the beauty within me. I always walk out feeling beautiful. Visions Hair Salon is the place to be and Amy is my hair styling hero!"    Betsy B. Syracuse NY

Are you bored with the same hair cut? Cut after cut. At Visions Hair Salon we will consult with you on the best cut, color and hair style to compliment your facial features. We are not YOUR average hair salon.

Experience one of our Signature Shampoos or take it to another level with a Beauty Ritual Treatment.
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Visions Hair Salon, in Liverpool N.Y., is dedicated to bringing you the latest trends in fashion and beauty from around the world. We offer many different services including professional women and mens hair cuts, dare to be different upscale hair styles, highlights, styling, wedding hair, up-dos, facial waxing and more. Come by Visions Hair Salon today!

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I've ordered a couple of bottles just in case they change their minds about the price later.. And I disagree about the scent not lasting long. I was out with friends recently and we went into a smoky bar and after being there for several hours a friend told me I smelled wonderful and wanted to know what I was wearing... I personally couldn't still smell it but people around me could.

Hair Style and Care by Amy

Knowing what not to do to your hairstyle is just as important as what you do to create the hair of your dreams. Like everything in life, there are do's and don'ts.
Here are 10 areas to avoid regarding your hair style.
1. Don't go to the hair salon unprepared to ask for the hairstyle you want. Many women believe that their hair dresser can perform miracles, can read their mind and can immeadiately choose the best hairstyle for them. There are many variables to think about when it comes to selecting a hairstyle and it is up to you to do your homework and derermine your personal hair options. Face shape, lifestyle and budget all play into the final hair style chosen.
2. Don'tselect a hairstyle or haircut that is next impossible to maintain on your own. While many celebrities have a professional hair dresser at their fingertips to make sure their hair looks perfect, most women have to deal with their hair without having a personal hair dresser available 24 hours per day.
3. Don't skimp on proper hair care or hair styling products Some hair care products sold in drugstores may work for some types of hair and styles. If you have highlighted or chemically processed hair or need added volume or control, the less expensive non-salon lines probably won't work and could make styling your hair difficult. Find the right product for you here. Consider your options. You may be able to compromise by buying both mass market and high quality products and alternate between them for best results. Or maybe your hairstyle requires high quality hair care lines. Be honest and don't work hard to achieve a great style only to undermine it with products that don't support it.
4. Don't use the wrong hair styling tools There are various tools available to create amazing hair styles. These tools range from blow dryers and curling irons to hot rollers and round brushes. Make sure you use the proper tools when re-creating your style. If you're not sure what tools to use, ask your hair dresser to give you a demonstration at the salon. It may be impossible to copy the style your professional hair consultant designed for you if you don't copy the same styling techniques, products and tools.
5. Don't overuse hair styling products Less is more when it comes to using hair styling products. If you overdo the gels, mousse and hair sprays you might develop product build-up on your hair which can make it misbehave.
6. Don't copy celebrity hairstyles without caution Keep in mind that celebreties can wear just about any hair style their heart desires because they have professional hair dressers designing those styles to bring out their best features. What looks fabulous on them may not look the same on you. Set fair expectations and you won't be disappointed.
7. Don't ignore high end cosmetology schools as hair styling options Some of the higher end schools such as Paul Mitchell employ talented and seasoned professionals as instructors. The schools have very high standards for the quality of hair dresser they turn out. A high end cosmo school is a great place for getting some hair styling work performed, even if it is just a slight shaping and trim to maintain your high priced style from a different hair salon. In fact, a great option is to have your hair style created at a top notch salon but have maintenance performed at the cosmo schools to average out your hair style maintenance costs.
8. Don't be a slave to hair trends Hairstyles change constantly as fashion change. Instead of being a slave to hair trends, find a hair style that works best for you and maintain that base look. If you want to update your tresses to keep them looking fresh, opt for a change in hair color, highlights, lowlights or slight texture. If you look great in a bob, keep that as your basic style but work with your hairdresser to keep it looking contemporary.
9. Don't ignore hair accessories as a fabulous hairstyling option Some women mistakenly believe that hair accessories are only applicable for young people or certain types of hair. This is not correct. Any hair accessory can be adopted for any age, hair type, texture, fashion or style. Use can use these fashion accessories to instantly change your look without a trip to the salon.
10. Don't count out hair extensions as a way to achieve different hair styles Whether you want a temporary hair style change that a clip-in hair extension can offer or a more permanent change for 3-4 months, hair extensions have come a long way towards affordability and high quality. The Jessica Simpson clip-in hair extensions are a great first step towards experimenting with new hair styles in the privacy of your home in just a few minutes. If you enjoy the clip-in extensions then be bold and try a partial head of fusion style hair extensions for more lasting hair style options.

Summary There can be just as many don'ts as there are do's when working with your own personal hair style. While it is important to follow the do's, it is also necessary to keep the don'ts in mind to get the hair style of your dreams.
April, 2011
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